Gamer? Me? HA!

24 02 2015


Well, I am honestly been trying to keep busy. Just it’s hard to be busy when you can’t seem to choose what you want to do as a hobby. I am leaning towards gardening. My mom has a green thumb and is going to help me out this Spring. Hell, maybe do a veggie garden, too. In the meanwhile, what I have been doing is playing WoW (World of War craft). After, I do my daily morning routine, any cleaning that needs to be done, I go play. I am not a gamer. Never had a gaming consoles or anything like that growing up or anything. This game is addicting. I thought I would just play it for a little bit and get tired of it, but nope. My sweetie is the one that got me hooked. He had been playing since the game came out in the 90s. Yeah, the 90s! An from speaking to other players in the game, a lot of them are from all walks of life and age ranging from 14-55 years old. An about 85% been playing since the game came out. What I like about the game is, it follows a story line. The book that came out I think before the game did. It also got me to keep focus on one thing and believe it or not, my eye and hand coordination increased. I feel if you have tried the game before, years ago, you should try to it again they improved it a lot from what I was told and if you never played before, try it. They have 30 day trails.

Just don’t come to me complaining you are addicted! lol. Just remember to keep your social life going too on the side. Don’t be a hermit or ignore your daily duties (like work, family, animals). I only say that cause once you go into questing in the game, it’s hard to stop when you are a roll. Now please don’t think I sit all day and play this game, I don’t (HONEST!). I do other things. Take a walk, work out, read, clean for a few hours, job hunt and on weekends he and I do leave the house for most of the day. Of course, if it’s rainy or cold outside, yeah, we are inside playing cause there is nothing else to do, lol. It’s fun and I like it. So, you can judge me all you want. ;)

I have increased my cooking skills some. Yesterday, I made homemade mac and cheese in my crock pot. Granted, I need to tinker it a little bit otherwise from what I was told, it was yummy. I would cook tonight, but we have some things to get for the house so, we are just going to go out to eat. I just can’t wait for the Spring to come. I get to garden and redo the front of the house and back by the pool. Oh! An we are going to start measuring and pick out our new bathroom. Spring time is going to be a busy time. Remodeling and gardening. I am praying a job will be in there somewhere too. All in all, I am happy and trucking a long. Anywho, I got to get ready. He just got off work and will be home soon. Later gators! :)


Chef? Me? Naww…

4 02 2015


As I sit here drinking my coffee, I am trying to get my brain to spit out what I want to say. I am thinking I need another cup honestly. Well, not a lot has changed since my last post. Still trying to look for a job, not has hard as I should be looking honestly but, I am this time looking for something other than what I been doing. Retail. Don’t get me wrong I will take anything that comes my way and is willing to hire me. Just I know I am more than just retail. I am willing to learn more skills other than what I am good at. Anyone has any suggestion for here in the greater area of Orlando?

In the meanwhile, I am mostly here at home just organizing, and trying to get my cooking skills more sharp. I like cooking. I am still real nervous to do big meals, but I don’t have the need to do big meals cause it’s just him and I. So, my small crock pot gets used a lot. My boyfriend isn’t picky with what I make (unless it has a lot of veggies in it), cause he just loves having something hot to eat for dinner other than cold cereal and mac and cheese all the time before I moved in. I am looking on Pinterest and for casserole dishes to learn and go to a lot. Now it’s just the matter of getting the money to go to the store to get the ingredients I need. It’s ok, he doesn’t mind paying if he gets something yummy out of it. Not going to lie, I do feel bad that I don’t pay for my half. I need and want a job. Plus, I still have 4 personal bills. All will be ok. I don’t stress anymore.

Oh! I am also working out here at home for about 40-45 minutes every morning. I feel like a fish out of the water flapping around working out, but it saves money with not going to a gym right now. My legs are feeling it, but it’s worth it and I try to make it fun. An longer I am away from Wal-Mart the happier I am becoming. So, I will be ok. I don’t feel anymore negativity or anything. I love it. So much happier. Anyway, I need get to working out and job hunting. Later gators! :)


P.S. Oh and I am going to hit up Hobby Lobby and look for something crafty to do. I will keep you informed. :)

Neighborhood Watch and more, oh my!

14 01 2015

Hey everyone…

I have some good news to report! Starting with the news on my mother. Well, as I mentioned in my last post, she was going to the doctors on Thursday (last Thursday really) to get a second diagnosis on her cancer. To really see if she even has it, or to see how bad it really was. So, I was waiting anxiously and nervously for her phone call. Then around noon, she calls to tell me that the specialist believes that what she has is NOT cancer! Let me repeat that, NOT CANCER. Her white blood cells were to low to be cancer, but her blood is all wacked out. He said that he is, “optimistically cautious” that what she has is not cancer and is going to do a lot more blood work to figure this out. When she called today, she informed me that she went for x-rays this morning to see if she has infections in the lungs and so forth. You all have no idea how relieved my sisters and I are. I will admit, I cried on the phone with my mom when she told me that its most likely not cancer. So much worry and stress lifted away. The doctor put her on more antibiotics and ordered more bed rest until he figures this out. Sooo…this journey with my mom, is to be continued.

Honestly, that was the only good news I have. I am getting mostly settled here in Orlando. I am still getting use to the fact I live so close to neighbors and that I can hear conversations in people’s driveways. I am taking all this as, a new life, new start. I lived in the city before, just it’s been so long. My hunny said, “Babe, it’s going to be an adjustment. It will take a little time. Be patient.” What really made me realize that I am back in a city, is that last night we went to a neighborhood watch meeting. Now I first thought, “Ok, to have a neighborhood watch, means there is something wrong with this area!”. Ok, so, it wasn’t so bad. Small group (including my hunny’s grandmother). It was just mostly about getting a grant for a nice sign to put out by the entrance to our subdivision cause there isn’t one and about being aware of some criminal things, etc. All in all, it’s wasn’t to bad. It got me to introduce myself to some neighbors and let them know I am new. Who knows, maybe I will make a friend or two. Otherwise, I am just taking things day by day. After this, I am going back online and fill out more job applications for my surrounding area. I am trying not to stress out about this (cause I don’t have to work if I don’t want to right away), but I am going to eventually get really bored, so keep your figure crossed I will find something even if it’s part-time.

Alright that is all I have to report and vent. I will be back next week if anything new has popped up. Later Gators! :)


New Year…New Journey.

5 01 2015

Happy New Year everyone!

Well, I have a lot to update you all with since my last blog. Some good news, some bad news. I will start with the bad news. On December 18th, 2014 my mom finally after being sick for days so badly, that she can’t even speak very well or move, finally was taking to the doctor (if you knew her, you would know that going to the doctor is very last resort, so it was bad). Now keep in mind, while all this was happening my mom and I had to move out of our place for whatever reason. An if it wasn’t for all the help from her friends the very last-minute, we would have been screwed. Anyway, the next day, talking to the doctor we found out besides, having a serious acute infection, she might have cancer according to her blood work. That she needs to see a specialist ASAP and she is this upcoming Thursday. So, with moving, and my mother I had a very stressful, scared and sad Christmas. She was given a 10 day subscription for her infection, and now that is gone. So, she is feeling better and back more to her normal self. Just now she gets tired a lot and quickly, so she is told to rest a lot and start on a healthier life style. Which isn’t easy for my mom considering she is always use to stress and smoking. She has changed her diet. She is doing a juicing diet that is FDA approved and proven to help with cancer patients. It’s a start. She drinks, 16 oz of beet juice (with some apple and carrots in it too) every morning for the last two weeks. Next we are trying to get her to slowly quit smoking, we just can’t push her, but she knows she needs to stop and wants too, just it’s not easy for her. All in all, there is a lot going on, but we will know more after her doctor’s appointment Thursday.

How am I taking it? Well, I was in shock and in tears for about two hours after mom told me, while packing up our house. Honestly, I am still kind of in shock, even though for years we knew the route and life style my mom was going down with all the stress, smoking, and mild depression it’s going to catch up. An like my mother said, “Well, fuck.. this is a game changer!”. I am slowly still processing this and wondering if I added on to the stress over the years. So, I do feel a little guilty. I am worried about my mom. I don’t want to lose her just yet. I want her to be around for future grandkids and I still need a lot of advice on a few things. Ugh! This has opened my eyes on my health too. I need to lose some weight and try to live less stressful life. Have more fun and not let the small things get to me anymore. I have started a healthy protein shakes/smoothie in the mornings and I am going to lay off all fried food. If I cook anything it’s all in small portions. Oh and a lot of fresh veggies daily. I am thankful for my boyfriend who has been my rock and shoulder to cry on about all this. He is making damn sure I stick a lot more to my diet and live less stressed. Which leads me to the good news…

Remember how I said, “Next time you read this, I will be in Orlando!”, well I am now has of January 3rd, 2015 living in Orlando full-time. I have moved in with my boyfriend. It is a HUGE step for me and for our relationship. I hate being away from mom, but she wanted me to go and live my life and to go be happy. I just had to promise her not to live the life she did. Plus, the place we been living at the past two weeks (her boyfriends), well, my two weeks were up so I had to go. Which is fine, I didn’t want to be there anymore anyway. Plus, that town blows! I am much happier back in the city. Oh, and I also quit my job at Wal-Mart. After 12 looong years, I left. With the stress and crap pay that comes out of that place, it is not worth it anymore. With my moms diagnosis, it opened my eyes too life being too short to be working at a place that doesn’t let you live a life. You are at the mercy of depending on a paycheck, very shitty hours, shitty pay, treat their employees like crap and working holidays. Even if I didn’t move in with my boyfriend, they wouldn’t have worked with me for me to be able to help my mom. So, my parents and friends all supported me with telling that place, “FUCK YOU!”. I am sure there is something better here in Orlando, it just will take some time. I am also taking this time to settle in to my new home and area.

All in all, I am going to be fine. I am just has stubborn and hardheaded as my mother. We both are not going down with out a fight. It’s a new journey for the both of us, and with every bump a long the way, we will only push back harder. We got this! Anyway, I need to finish unpacking my things and clean. I will talk to you all soon. Later gators!


P.S. Side note, if you pray, please pray for my mom and family and for this new journey we all are going to part take in. Thanks!

Merry Christmas…to me. :)

11 12 2014

So sorry for being gone so long. Just things have been so stressful that it’s to a point where I almost had an emotional break down. Money has been tight, and things with that of course just go downhill. I am not giving up hope yet though. I have some major changes coming very soon and I know with love, hope and a gentle push, things will be ok for me at least. I know I mentioned this in my pervious posts about moving to Orlando to live with my boyfriend, and well, it’s still happening. I already move a few things over and I am looking to find more things to move into his place. It’s going to happen. I also am going to quit my job (after the holidays). I don’t care at this point if I don’t have a job, cause I rather be mentally and emotionally healthy than suffer through crap from work, lack of sleep, weight gain from stress, etc. That place, slowly kills a person. Not just mentally, but physically, spiritually, and emotionally. No joke! My health is more important. Besides, my boyfriend and I have plans for this up coming year.

An even though I won’t have a job right away, gives me a chance to settle into Orlando and decompress from everything. I won’t be without a job very long though, being home a lot and not having a place to go everyday will drive me nuts, but my boyfriend said I can take my time looking. One of our plans for this year is too, have a child. It’s one of the main reasons I am moving into his place, other than we are taking our relationship to another level and for me to get out of my situation here. Im excited and nervous all at the same time. I just know, it will all be worth it at the end. An hopefully. I will find a job that I can be happy with and be less stressed everyday.

Anywho, I have to finish washing cloths and slowly get ready for work. God, the count down to giving them my two notice has started (plan to give it to them day after Christmas). Can’t wait!! :)

Later Gators!


P.S. You probably won’t hear from me until January when I have moved to Orlando. Oh and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!! :)

Fall, Winter, Crafts…oh my!

16 10 2014

It amazes me how mother nature can change so much in a short period of time. I am sitting here with all my windows open and loving the breeze that is just flowing in. It’s not humid (which my hair is thankful for, lol) anymore right now and it’s just beautiful. Besides it can save me on the A/C bill right now, lol. I even slept with my window open. The temperature dipped down in the upper 50s and I must say, I slept like a baby. According to the weather channel, the east coast and even us in the south, like Florida, are going to be below average this Fall and Winter. So, I am looking forward too it actually feeling like the holidays and put me in the mood, too.

I believe this fall I am going to do some crafts, well at least try too. For home d├ęcor, to feel more festive and cozy in the house. So, I am turning to Pinterest for all my DIY and crafty projects. I must say, that app is making me more addicted than ever too it. Not only are there great DIY projects, there are great meal plans, health tips of all kind, so right now I am addicted. I just hope these craft projects won’t cost me a lot of money. Who knows, maybe this will turn into a healthy hobby that could bring in extra cash. Never know when you are trying new things and your mad skills come out. :)

Not a lot has changed since my last update. Just maybe a step closer to getting the courage to move to the big city and I have put in for more jobs in the area of my boyfriends place. Speaking of boyfriend. He is still being amazing has ever. Next month will be one year together. So, I have been thinking. Even if I don’t find a job right away, I will be moving to Orlando by January. It will be my gift to him cause he been waiting for me and asking me to move in with him. I miss him when he is not around, and it doesn’t seem right to do things without him. It’s like he is my partner in everything I do in life right now. Life is so stress free with him and I don’t need to worry either, cause he makes sure I am happy and there is nothing to worry about. How can I be so lucky? I was told that when you been hurt in every way, sooner or later you will find someone who will make you realize what love is and suppose to be, and you become happy and content, and don’t look any further. Guess you can say, I am grateful for my ex’s. I learned to be stronger and be the woman my boyfriends needs me to be without losing who I am. I am ready to settle down and I think I have found my partner for life.

Anyway, I will be back soon. Hopefully with a better update. Stay strong and don’t forget to love! <3


Practice What You Preach.

25 09 2014

So, I have been thinking ( I know, what’s new in that). I realize I catch myself not always practicing what I preach. Ok, let me rephrase that, it’s more like I am catching myself doing things others are doing. It’s good I am catching myself. Just I feel like a idiot when I give my thoughts to someone doing the same thing. Saying basically, it’s not good with what they are doing or saying, when I do it. I caught myself following the crowd who basically were bitching or complaining at work and I must say, I felt stressed out and in a pissy mood by the end of my shift. I got home and was thinking,”what the hell! Why do I freaking get caught up in crap like that!?”. An today, I caught myself running my mouth to one of my supervisors and thinking back, I kinda probably said too much. I can’t get in trouble or lose my job right now, cause I just started the past few weeks getting more than 35 hours. It’s money right now and I need to keep that flowing, lol.

Speaking of jobs. This weekend I am going to put in more job applications at a few other places and update or check on the job application I filled out for Costco a few weeks ago. So, until I find something better, I need to watch my tongue at work. Not going to be easy, cause there are a few people I just want to slap the stupid out of. I know violence is not the answer, but you have to admit, it would feel good, specially if you have to deal with people who are lazy, lie, can be bullies, and do stupid shit daily and you want to slap the breaks off them. I have two of them at work and it’s finally starting to get to me. It’s mostly unneeded stress. Work load is enough. I need to get out of this town and work somewhere else. I am sure my boyfriend would agree. He is just a trooper having to deal with my venting about work. He just hugs me and tells me you are to good for that place, and worth more probably working somewhere else.

I have been wanting a hobby. Like a time-consuming craft project kind of hobby. Does anyone have any idea of a crafty project that is time-consuming? You can tweet me ideas @ CuriousSpirit. In the meanwhile, I am looking for good book, too. I am just trying to get myself not to be online so much and put my phone down more. Most of all, get my mind off this crazy world.

Well, sorry to cut this short guys.. but not a lot has happened since my last post. An my “to be continued” on my last entry is still valid. I haven’t forgotten. Later.



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