Pushing It.

20 06 2012

I’m tired. Been a long day for me. I woke up at 5 this morning so I can make it to work by 7.  I am not use to this kind of shift. Which led me to realize even more so, that I am not a morning person. The first few hours I was a total grumpy ass. Everything got under my skin. Now like usual, I went to dunkin donuts to get my medium hot coffee with half/half and one splenda. An lord have mercy it was good! It started to help about an hour into my shift until I seen someone come into work that gets under my skin and before I knew it, barking non-sense orders and just getting on my nerves. So, I am tired, lack of sleep and I am not even through my first cup of coffee yet. An yes, I said first cup. I went back on my break and got another one. YUM! Work sucked until my good and awesome friend/co-worker  joined me at work.

Now after work, I went to the gym. Which would make today, day 2 of me going 4 days a week. An like I said in my pervious blog that I was going to up my reps and to basically push it with the cardio.  When I got there, there were only 3 ladies there on the machines, so I am thinking, as I went to change into my gym cloths, “Good, they are going to leave soon and I will have the place to myself”. WRONG! With in about 30 mins, young and “older” men that seem to be cocky and women with their young teenage kids came in. Now I am all for good health, but if you are going to goof off and chat up with girls who are giggling as you work out, leave!  All you are doing is taking up space and hogging all the good machines. Yeah, I got my treadmill and elliptical time in (OVER an HOUR I might add..burning over 500 calories).

But if you are going to flirt and act stupid while people are trying to honestly work at a healthy life style, have the respect and take your crap outside. It’s distracting! Even though I had my headphones on, just by watching, I can see how annoying the girls laugh are. I know that is sounding really hateful, but I don’t need to see annoying people messing up my routine. Hell, maybe I just need to learn MORE patience and expect that this is going to happen and not to let it pull me off track. So, nice try jocks and airheads, this chick is on her way of showing you how it’s done! So, BITE ME!!

Anyway, I go back to the gym again tomorrow and Friday. I am going to be so sore, but it will be all well worth it. Now, if I can just work on the blister I got from working out to stop hurting, it will be all good. Night all.





One response

4 07 2012

I am right with you! I hate people like that! It is hard to be patient with people that just take up space.

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