Got a Boat?

24 06 2012

Well, it seems like mother nature is really letting us Floridians have it, by dumping so much rain that it feels like I need a boat at the moment just to go to my car ( all thanks too Tropical Storm Debby). It seriously hasn’t stopped raining in over 6 hours. An according to the forecast, it won’t for a while longer. Granted, we have been in a drought, but after these past few days, I think we made up for it.  Now unfortunately, being that I am stuck in doors right now, I am trying to find ways to keep myself entertained. I could either, catch up on much-needed sleep, read, clean until my back hurts, or curl up to a good movie. Truthfully, I would like to do them all, but in reality I will only do about 2 of those and take my ever so sweet time too.  I probably, will do the reading and sleeping, unless I find myself a good movie to watch. I just feel to lazy at the moment to clean. An I am ok with that.

I need to find myself good reading material. My close friends are begging me to read, “Fifty Shades Of Grey”. They are telling me it’s so worth it and its just really, really good. It is a best seller and a lot of people have ranted on and on about how good it is. The book I guess, is aimed more towards women. Like, it has a little bit of a secret fantasy involved and it can get down right kinky and sexual. I don’t have a kindle or any other reading tablet, so I will have to buy the book.  I would rather physically buy the book instead of getting a tablet, a lot cheaper in my opinion.  I will figure something out.

Then again, looking out my window, it is making me very sleepy. It’s so dark, grey and blah outside. Makes you just want to curl up under your covers and watch the water run down your window until your eyes get heavy and you drift off to sleep. I guess, by the end of this entry I would have to make up my mind on what I would like to do. I dunno, we’ll see. I also just remembered, it’s days like this that just makes me over think things and remember why I like to try to keep busy. An to switch off my mind, I would probably just end up falling asleep.  Lord, I hate being an over thinker sometimes!

Well, I am off to figure out what I am going to do. I will also get my work out routine together for the week, as tomorrow is day one of me going to the gym four days a week. Who knows, maybe I will update later on.





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