Total Slacker.

10 07 2012

I am running out of energy. I found myself the past few days finding an excuse not to go to the gym. I feel guilty. So, I am packing up my work out cloths to take with me tomorrow when I go to work, so after work I can go to the gym for a good while. I also need to do an overhaul on my room and wash cloths, which I am forcing myself to do today cause I need my work cloths for the next 6 damn days. Just I am being so damn lazy. I am burnt out, overloaded and just feel like I need to sleep for two weeks. My To-Do list is literally getting longer which each thing on the list feels the list just got 10 miles longer. Top it off, I am trying to figure out what to get my mom for her birthday. She never tells me what she wants, she just goes, “You know what I like hunny!”. ARG! I might know what you like mom, but those are getting boring to give to you every damn year!

Well, yesterday I went to the movies yesterday with my best friend and we saw, Magic Mike. Oh wow. I am not going to lie, I drooled and wished to God the lead character was my man!!  An damn that boy can dance, YUM! Just remember ladies, do not bring you husband or boyfriend to this movie…this is a total chick flick to see with your female friends. Besides it’s more fun with your girls, cause guys will just go “whatever” all through out the movie. The poor sap that was in the theatre last night (the ONLY male there), kept getting up and was not pleased, lol.  So, just leave your man at home.


I should get going. Sorry if this entry is not up to good reading goodness, but like I said, totally lazy. Besides not a whole lot happened since the last entry anyway.  I need to get my day going or at least try, and I really do need to wash my cloths.






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