Totally Exhausted.

20 07 2012

I can’t believe my last entry was 6 days ago. I am sorry. I usually try to never go more than 3 days without posting something. Just it’s been very tiring . Work the past 4 days as been busy. For some reason, I have been pushing myself to do more than I usually do. Granted, in some ways that could be a good thing. Then again, it leaves me without any energy at the end of my shift or the need to want to do anything afterwards. I have only gone to the gym Monday and today. Just awful. I have to at least go 3 days a week. Just I am so behind on everything that needs to get done that I am slowly going crazy (or that’s what it feels like anyway) for not getting things done. I need more than my regular two days off from work. Speaking of which.

About 2 weeks ago, I put in to have August 2nd-6th off and it was approved. Which is wonderful!!! Then being we have to use up our vacation time before our yearly evaluations, I put in to have my birthday week off. The week of August 20th. They kinda have to give it to I am more than 50% sure I will have that off too. Oh the relaxing I am going to do. Cause right now, I am not sleeping well, stressing out, worrying and eating kinda crappy that I just need to find ways to pull myself together and focus again. The best part is, there is a good chance on one of those times off, my mom and I are going to see my sister in Seattle for a few days! YES! So, pray for me that it’s going to happen!!

On other news, my nephew Alex as left for basic training to be in the Air Force. I am so damn proud. An I don’t care if I have to use personal days or call in, I am going to see him Graduate from basic in September! I will put the dates in, and I will explain to my boss why I need it off, but either way I am going!! That is a huge milestone in our family. Specially since being that my dad was in the military. The last name is being carried on into the military. Tradition! An everyone is going to be there. My dad, aunt,uncle, my mom, me, my sister (duh its her son), my other nephew. Hell, maybe even my cousins!  It’s going to be a huge family reunion at the same time. So, look out Texas! The Picard Family is coming to invade…lol.

Well, I need to go get my day started. I work later and I don’t want to go in. ARG! I promise to update sooner.





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