30 07 2012

No I wasn’t on one. An I did it again, didn’t I? Sorry, I didn’t mean to be MIA for a week again.  I just get so busy I totally forget to update this thing. I’m sure you all have done it once or twice yourself, right? Anyway, things the past week or so have been interesting to say the least. You know those list of things I need to get done? Well, I haven’t even touch that bitch of a list! Work and other crap, like, well ok just work. Just been nuts! Crazy hours where having a life of any kind is hanging with friends in the parking lot  after work. Sad ain’t it? Well, the good news is about 3 weeks ago, I put in to have this upcoming Thursday-Monday off. Which means, I can work on my list, hang out with friends and family!  Oh..maybe even finally get some damn sun! It’s sad, summer is almost over and I don’t even have a tiny bit of a tan. So so so damn sad.

I also decided to do something, that even though my mother hates nor likes it, I am taking a trip at the end of August to see someone. It’s not like I don’t know HIM, just haven’t met in person yet.  So, other than buying myself the new iPhone (it’s an upgrade from the iPhone I have now) for my upcoming birthday, I’m treating myself to a vacation out-of-state. I need to get out of this town and state for a little while. Who knows, maybe I come back a new person? Hell, maybe come back  head over heals in love and with someone? Seeing this person I will learn some really cool things. I just have to get away from everyone and everything for one week. I am going crazy and wanting some self growth, I can’t do it here. If I don’t go see him and try some new adventures, I will regret it.  Booked my flight this morning.

I am so glad to have today off. Gives me a chance to make plans for my trip, get things done around here. Besides the weather is keeping me home bound anyway.  I guess rain has its way of doing that doesn’t it?  OH, as for my work outs, sadly I have kinda been slacking in it. I know I know!  I saw my work schedule, and I see that I can go back to my normal work outs again. Afterall, I went this morning and I kicked it up a notch. SO HA!

Anyway. I am off to chill and wash some cloths and maybe go watch the Science channel. Later peeps!





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