20 More Days!

5 08 2012

Hmm… my 20th post, my birthday is on the 20th and 20 more days until my vacation! Can we say, 20 is an awesome number!? Hell, maybe I should play the lotto?  Who knows, but I love even numbers, always have. 🙂

Anyway, what have you all been up too? I am on my mini vacation from work (just all my days off together which added up to 5 days off) and I have been working on my cleaning list. I have started my room and a little bit on my car yesterday (also went and saw the new Batman movie with friends, awesome movie). I decided to do a little bit of my room everyday until it gets done, even if it takes two weeks. Like doing a section a day, so I don’t overwhelm myself and stress out over nothing. As for my car, I am going to try to scrub it tomorrow. Yes, I could do it today, but  yard work was added to my list somehow so, I am going to crack on that today. No worries, I will wear tons of sunscreen.

I also decided to do some work out routines here at home in between going to the gym. I must say, working my abs (top, bottom and my sides) is a lot better at home, cause I am sore as hell at the moment ( it hurts like hell to even cough or sneeze!). I am not going to give it up though, I am going to take 15 minutes out today to work more on my abs and legs. Afterall, I have a vacation coming up. I want to look tone as possible.

Speaking of vacation. I have made a list of things I need/want to bring with me on my trip. I am going out-of-state and my flight is booked, so it’s a sure thing.  Just my list is about almost a page full. Looking at it, I realize this is ridiculous. I am only gone for 7 days not a month. So, I will have to cut my list in half.  Question is, what do I cut out? I have been thinking about NOT bringing my laptop cause I will have my iPhone for updates. Cause the goal of this trip is to connect with someone and to learn.  So, I am aiming for 3 days before my trip to have a final cut of my list and lightly start to pre-pack. I’m excited guys! Who knows, there is a chance I will come back as a taken woman. 😉

Anyway, I know this entry is boring, but I wanted to keep you all in the loop. I will update again when I can. I just now have to get cracking on the yard work before the summer afternoon rains come. You all have an awesome day and week!





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