16 10 2012

Well, slap my ass and paint me blue! I don’t know if things gotten worse or better. I would like to say, I personally and emotionally gotten stronger. Then again, I could be just fooling myself and I just running from the truth. I am finding myself learning more and more about myself. For example, I am taking being told something I am not and not taking it personal. I use to get so bent out of shape and letting it hurt my feelings, but not anymore. Granted, it depends on the source it’s coming from. God, that sounds so high schoolish, didn’t it?! Who the hell am I kidding, I have been  staring at this screen for almost an hour and it’s has  far as I gotten. I have a lot to say, just don’t know how to approach sharing such intel. Here is a thought, maybe I am not ready to say what I have to say. Maybe once I say what I have to say, the truth will set in and then I will have to deal with change, pain and confusion. Yeah, I know, what is the difference from anytime before?! Well, I can’t answer that. Just ramble on and give you all a shitty blog entry. Wait, is this blog for me or for those who read about my life?


Uggh!! I am just  not thinking clear to make this entry make any sense. I am just lost for words right now, which is odd cause  I can’t seem to stop typing. Everything I want to say is at the tip of my fingers and I am so avoiding, why? Why am I doing this?  Someone please tell me, why am I not saying what I am wanting to say? Im ending this…right now…. I will be back soon. Maybe then I will have to guts to spill it. Blahhh…








One response

16 10 2012

It could be that you are only seeing a negative door where none exist… Let it out.. It can’t stay in you if you release it.. and there is a whole lot to say when the soul is saying stop.. It actually has a stronger statement… So smile knowing it is something we all do! 😉

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