The End of 2012.

28 12 2012

Alright, I am blogging when I am on meds and tired. So, this might be a very interesting blog, lol. Well, in a few days, it will be 2013.  The next few days will be busy for me. For starters, I am moving into a new place. Which means, I will be starting the new year in a new place and enviroment. Now let’s hope the money will flow nicely enough to keep this place. Also, I should be having a New Years date. I just hope things follow through so it can happen. I like him a lot. An I hope he truly shows up or can make it, cause only lord knows how it will end up. I think that is a great start, to a new year and life, right? I mean, I think I earned it damn it. I went to emotional hell the past 4 months. Not to mention, home life wasn’t really fun either. Which is why we/I moved.  So,we will see what happens.

I will say that 2012 taught me  that I need to be careful with  who I let close to my life. Specially when it comes to love. That I am way to caring and getting my hopes up in expecting something back in return. Not to mention, trusting people without having them prove themselves. You know like that saying goes, “Action speak louder than words!”. I always said I lived by that motto and I think I need to back up my words and follow through on that  by making sure people do it and expect nothing less. An if you can’t follow through, there is the door. I am not wasting anymore energy and time on people who will not show me they are real and serious, most of all worth my time. Cause if you back up your words and show me you are REAL, then I will give you back what you put in 10 fold. People have to fight for me for a change. I will NOT go running after someone. I am too good for that. I know that sounds self-centered, but I get told all the time I am worth so much more than I let happen to me. Thinking about it, they are right. I just have to be strong-willed and somewhat a bitch to make sure it happens.

So buckle up 2013 I am going to ride you like a bull on crazy pills. I am going to travel, try new things and keep on a path of a healthy life. Most of all, finding my true happy place. I can do this. An I will find out who my true friends are when I go on this path. Yes, there will be sad and stressful times, but that is part of life. I will just learn from it and push through. Ok…. I think my meds are really kicking in. So, I wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope good things come your way. Talk to you all next year!! 🙂





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