YouTube, Summer and Fitness..OH MY!

30 05 2013

Hello my fellow readers. I come to you all today with the thought of wanting to break out of my box. What I mean is, I have been inspired to do more YouTube videos. Granted, I don’t really have videos up now, just sound bites from my “ghost hunt” two years ago from a local cemetery . Now that I have been for the past week on Google+ and YouTube, watching people do these odd adventures, travels and investigations, I want to do the same. I’m not looking to get popular, but to show the world, life through my eyes. Just I need to find my HD Flip Camcorder and my digital recorder (for those investigations). I will use my good digital camera that as 3D option for my high def videos. What I need from you, my readers, are suggestions and ideas for videos and to where I  go to edit my videos and sound bits. Any help will be appreciated (on the bottom of this post will be ways to get ahold of me).


Alright, I am also on Google+ now.  I am still learning how to use this thing. It gets so damn confusing. Specially being that I am still a lot on Facebook. I am sending myself reminders to check my Google account at least once a week. I will do it more often  when I start really get responses and things like that.  So, if you  like to be friends with me on Google+, I will post a link on the bottom this, if I do it right. If not, just send me a comment on here and I will send it to you. I promise I am not a spammer or anything like that, lol.


Alright, it’s summer and I am really getting back into fitness. An knowing my track record for never finishing my goals cause of either money or time (ok ok, more like lack of will power, lol) . I done a little research and I find that being on Pinterest (yes I am on that too, lol). I am finding easy healthy  and CHEAP ways to keep on a diet, and getting work out tips. Now, if you are like me and right now can’t find time for the gym or can’t afford a membership, but have an iPhone, download the app “Ab works” its a red and white icon with a person doing a sit-up and it’s free. It gives you detail instructions on how to do a proper sit-ups/crunches and butt work outs. You can do all of these at home privately. You do have the options to upgrade that app if you chose for $3.99 and get other work out tips and dieting tips. It’s a great app, and I plan to do some work outs after I am done here.


Otherwise, things for me have been going alright. Still kind of struggling on the money side, but I am making it work with what I have for the time being. I am still dating (we will call him Mr. C). One thing I love about being with him is that no matter what, if were to have a “fight”, we always seem to talk it out, learn and grow. Which makes me feel content with the fact, we can make it through anything if the love is there. He and I still talk daily, text like crazy and talk on the phone. I guess you can say he is becoming also my best friend! ❤ So, all around, I am happy for the time being. Anyway, I will catch you all again soon. Just don’t forget to check out the links below. Thanks again! Talk to you all later!! 🙂

YouTube Channel: (just remember, if you like it, to subscribe and thumbs up on my videos. Plus, I need suggestions for new videos…HELP!!)

Google+ :

Contact info: (put “YouTube suggestions and stuff” in the subject line!)





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30 05 2013

Goodluck with your YouTube videos. I really enjoy watching the content there 🙂 Best of luck with everything 🙂

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