I am who I am. An normally I am not good at explaining who I am. I am one of those who likes to stand off to the side and watch the world and learn with sight, touch and sound. Im not anti-social, just careful with who I become social with. I am starting to slowly come out of my shell and is learning who I really am in the process.  I have a good heart and I mean well, just there are days where I do not wish to be around people.  I guess you can say, I have trust issues, but who is to blame me for the pain and broken trust I have gone through.

So, overall, if you were to ever bump into me in this world, you would probably catch me in a corner of a room with my headphones on, watching the world go by.  Then again, or somewhere where I am giving a helping hand. I am a dreamer and dream of a better world for all and will fight in my way to make it happen. I will write/blog from the heart.. and I will be true to who I am and to my readers.

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